Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank You!

Thank you everyone for writing a bit about yourselves in my last post! It helps to make us not all feel like complete strangers.

I am currently sitting in my school library trying to make some progress in my pile of "to do's". I currently have 2 tests to study for, 2 research papers, 1 take home midterm, and a statement of purpose to write. I guess it doesn't seem like too heavy a load but because I really dislike all my class topics this semester I'm definitely dreading this undertaking.
I took 3 days off from work last weekend to try and spend some time with the wonderful Lisa while she was in town from Salt Lake City. One of those days I unfortunately wasted by taking my sweet sweet time in getting ready/cleaning. The second day I spent with my wonderful mom who treated me to shopping, lunch, and pedi/manis. After this wonderful afternoon, I drove out to Modesto to visit Lisa. I stayed up until about 4 a.m. with everyone out there which is WAY past my bedtime, but had a great time nevertheless. The next day was spent all over the bay area from Oakland to San Francisco.
Sunday it was back to reality with a strenuous day at work which led me into a strenuous Monday (today) in which I have let my stress over school/grad school drive me to do a bit of retail therapy. If anyone here has even attempted to begin the decision/application process for graduate school then you feel my pain, it is an all consuming task. Really, it's all I think about. I really am starting to think that getting into a graduate program is going to be harder than completing a graduate program. Who knows.
Well, with an update on my life I'll leave you with some photos from this weekend.

photos are from the lovely restaurant that my mother and I ate at, and of course a photo of my wonderful mom!


  1. I totally agree with how charming. You look a lot like your mom. She's beautiful.