Sunday, January 23, 2011


I finished Water for Elephants today! It is always such a great feeling when you read that last sentence. I must say I was kind actually I was really disappointed with this book. It failed to get interesting for me until I got into about the last quarter of the book. While I think the movie will be great and Robert Pattinson and Reese Witherspoon will be perfect for their characters, the book just didn't do it for me. I am glad to know that at least most others enjoyed it. Any good recommendations for my next book?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Not to brag or anything...but I spent the day at the beach enjoying the oh so amazing 70 degree weather, gah! It had me jumping for joy, and running around in the waves and all over the beach like a little kid. Sorry to anyone flooded/snowed in and or just freezing their asses off.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Feel It

It's eerie, but I definitely feel big things are in the works...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Week

Sooo I am very guilty...guilty for not partaking in my own "Day in the Life of". I must say though I was SUPER busy! So instead I am just going to post my week in pictures to make up for it ;)

I started my new book! Its no Harry Potter yet, but I think it will start to pick up soon...

I've spent Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday here...and I'll be spending all day Sunday here too...:( It's boring boring work but someone has got to do it!

what do I do here? I run experiments from 10:30 AM-7:00 PM. I hook participants up to 15+ electrodes and watch their physio data as they perform experiments...this is what I stare at all day...

and the notes I take on any disturbance in normal physio data flow

Tuesday I went home to my parents house to visit my mom for her birthday!

We went out shopping...

visited the 1st (and my favorite) Anthropologie that I ever worked at. This store holds such a special place in my heart! Its one of the most phenomenal stores I've ever been to. The layout is stunning and the visual team does an AMAZING job. Not to mention that all of my favorite co-workers are still there and all are so so fabulous.

Spent some time at my parents house and got to see my families house cat who we've had for 10 years now!

sent out some of my college applications

got to wake up to my gorgeous kitties every morning this week

then last night the gang went out for my best friend Delayne's birthday! Had delicious greek food and cocktails

and today was a green kinda day

told you it was a busy week, and its not even Sunday yet!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Finishing What I Started

Keeping up with my resolutions I am about to finish my first book of 2011! Not only is it the first completed book of the year, but it is the last book of the Harry Potter series. Pretty exciting stuff. Just under 200 pages to go and I am hoping to finish tonight ;)

Oh, and I'll be documenting my "Day in the Life of" tomorrow!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Join Me...A Day in the Life Of!

Okay guys, I want to do something really fun. Long long ago, when I used to be on livejournal, there was a group called "A Day in the Life Of". In this group people from all over the world would choose a day in which to document their daily happenings. This would consist of a chronological picture post of how this one particular day went - from your morning routine, your errands, job, house chores, daily routine etc. What I want to get from this is to really to get to know YOU. We share so much of our lives on here but really we usually just post the highlights. By sharing our typical routine days we can learn what its really like to walk in each others shoes.

I'd love for everyone reading to document their Monday, this January 10th, posting their day on either the 11th or 12th. Whether your day is a routine ol' Monday or it just so happens your traveling or out doing not so routine things - document it! Post your day on your blog and then a link to your blog as a comment on this post. That way those who are friends with me but may not be friends with each other can still see each others. Also, spread the word on your own blog, lets get EVERYONE to do it! Spread the word!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Staying on Track...

So, as I mentioned in my last post, one of my resolutions is to do more DIY projects! Over the past week I've accumulated a hefty list of projects I'd like to start. When I saw this project I knew it was easy and that I'd want to start it right away. Most of the projects I'll be starting with have to do with my bedroom. I am my mother's daughter and for about the millionth time I am doing a little "room makeover". I just ordered a new duvet online and I am quite excited about it! The duvet is gray so the colors in my room will switch from brown & yellow to gray & yellow (that damn lamp shade will force me to keep yellow in my color pallet).

I loved the way this garland looked in the original picture, and to think it came from something so simple! The website that I got this from did not provide step by step details, but I figured it would be easy enough. I'll give a step by step rundown. Such a simple way to spice up a room :)

These are the supplies I used. Simple coffee filters, water colors (I bought the larger set because it had gray, which did not turn out so I only used the yellow),and some white ribbon.

I had a very nosy helper, who ended up spilling my cup of water ALL OVER THE TABLE.

This part was really simple, I just painted the white coffee filters completely yellow. I was so tempted to test out some other colors to see how they'd look!

After each one was painted completely I hung them up on a little clothes line to dry. It only took about 30 minutes for them to dry when they were hanging up.

Once all of the painted filters were dry I arranged (randomly) the white, brown, and yellow filters to my liking...

Once they were arranged, I simply took a pen and used the tip of the pin to make a hole in the centre.

I then pulled my ribbon through each of the holes, tying a knot before each set and after each set. For each "set" I used 10 coffee filters. I did this so that each looked fairly full, but you can obviously choose what looks best to you.

soon enough you have a chain...

once you've filled the length of ribbon/string that you've wanted your ready to hang/drape wherever you'd like!

Hope you enjoyed!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I am determined!

2010 kinda did 2009...and 2008 just a's nothing I dwell on, and the years haven't been completely sour, but time has just droned on with nothing particularly amazing that stands out.

This year I am graduating college, and hopefully moving out of the Bay Area. That will be my new beginning and starting NOW I need to prepare. Which means it is time to announce my New Years "Resolutions":

1. Save Money for a move this summer...Portland? Austin? Seattle?
2. Apply to schools (I NEED TO HURRY UP WITH THIS ONE!)
3. Try to not let myself get too stressed out with my hectic schedule
4. Continue to blog
5. DIY projects - I have an entire list (literally) of projects I want to attempt
6. Ride my bike more
7. READ more (this one is really important to me)

Well there you have it people, my 2011 resolutions. All are realistic and I'm going do my best to stick to em!

Here are some photos from my NYE...

we played one of my favorite group games...THINGS

and I was obviously into making weird faces...bit too much champagne

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Yes, the past week has been CRAZY! I was out of school for only 1 week in which time I did my Christmas shopping and packing and working and a tad bit of "relaxing" before the Christmas craziness. I still can't decide whether I should do one huge picture heavy Christmas/New years update, just Christmas update, or just New Years update. I think I'll just start with Christmas.

So, like I said, just one week to come back from the zombified mental state I was in after finals were over. I was supposed to celebrate Christmas eve with my mom in my hometown, Monterey. I had work that day so I wasn't able to make it out until late that afternoon. We went to church (somehow despite being an atheist my mother has still been able to drag me to church on Christmas eve three years in a row now). Went out to some family friends houses for LOTS of food and opened presents. My entire family worked on Christmas day so I had to drive back home early early Christmas morning to pack for my trip to Orange County to see the beau! Got the kitties all ready for my absence (they did have someone to check on them) and grabbed a cab to take me to the airport. As soon as I got there we exchanged gifts. He surprised me with a framed Evan B. Harris print - it made me cry!

We spent the rest of the week visiting friends, going to Disneyland, and shoppppinggg.

I got home Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon I took off to Modesto to visit friends (phew, this was exhausting). Miss Regina taught me how to knit (too hard) and crochet (a bit easier!). Drove back the next morning and only had a few hours before I got ready for my NYE....i'll leave off there. Here are some photos from my Christmas week.

mom and I, we thought it was hilarious we were wearing red & green jackets

waiting at the airport, had way too many gifts to take on the plane with me

my Evan B. Harris print

bugs life!

Chris' friends threw a little party so everyone could see him while he was visiting

time to send out thank you cards!

oh, and I still CANNOT figure out why I cannot comment on my own posts or on other people's posts :(