Thursday, January 13, 2011

This Week

Sooo I am very guilty...guilty for not partaking in my own "Day in the Life of". I must say though I was SUPER busy! So instead I am just going to post my week in pictures to make up for it ;)

I started my new book! Its no Harry Potter yet, but I think it will start to pick up soon...

I've spent Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday here...and I'll be spending all day Sunday here too...:( It's boring boring work but someone has got to do it!

what do I do here? I run experiments from 10:30 AM-7:00 PM. I hook participants up to 15+ electrodes and watch their physio data as they perform experiments...this is what I stare at all day...

and the notes I take on any disturbance in normal physio data flow

Tuesday I went home to my parents house to visit my mom for her birthday!

We went out shopping...

visited the 1st (and my favorite) Anthropologie that I ever worked at. This store holds such a special place in my heart! Its one of the most phenomenal stores I've ever been to. The layout is stunning and the visual team does an AMAZING job. Not to mention that all of my favorite co-workers are still there and all are so so fabulous.

Spent some time at my parents house and got to see my families house cat who we've had for 10 years now!

sent out some of my college applications

got to wake up to my gorgeous kitties every morning this week

then last night the gang went out for my best friend Delayne's birthday! Had delicious greek food and cocktails

and today was a green kinda day

told you it was a busy week, and its not even Sunday yet!


  1. i looooooooved Water for Elephants. it is a little slow in the beginning and the author writes the male characters a little too romantic i think, but other than that it was amazing! i hope you enjoy it!

  2. 1) Your outfits are always adorable
    2) Water For Elephants is SUCH a good book! I hope you enjoy it, and better hurry, I hear they're coming out with the movie soon :)

  3. thanks ladies! you guys have definitely given me some hope with this book. I am just at about the 100th page and it is slowly starting to pick up but I am not enthralled yet. I should be finished with it soon, absolutely cannot wait for the movie! ;)

  4. I pretty much, wait no.. TOTALLY agree with what Lucy said. I miss that store. I think I've only been in maybe twice since my 3 week long career there. HA!

  5. well you know how much I shop amelia haha, and same goes for you! You always pull these amazing outfits together. Aww I wish you'd worked there for longer :( i was so excited when you got hired! haha.