Thursday, January 6, 2011

Staying on Track...

So, as I mentioned in my last post, one of my resolutions is to do more DIY projects! Over the past week I've accumulated a hefty list of projects I'd like to start. When I saw this project I knew it was easy and that I'd want to start it right away. Most of the projects I'll be starting with have to do with my bedroom. I am my mother's daughter and for about the millionth time I am doing a little "room makeover". I just ordered a new duvet online and I am quite excited about it! The duvet is gray so the colors in my room will switch from brown & yellow to gray & yellow (that damn lamp shade will force me to keep yellow in my color pallet).

I loved the way this garland looked in the original picture, and to think it came from something so simple! The website that I got this from did not provide step by step details, but I figured it would be easy enough. I'll give a step by step rundown. Such a simple way to spice up a room :)

These are the supplies I used. Simple coffee filters, water colors (I bought the larger set because it had gray, which did not turn out so I only used the yellow),and some white ribbon.

I had a very nosy helper, who ended up spilling my cup of water ALL OVER THE TABLE.

This part was really simple, I just painted the white coffee filters completely yellow. I was so tempted to test out some other colors to see how they'd look!

After each one was painted completely I hung them up on a little clothes line to dry. It only took about 30 minutes for them to dry when they were hanging up.

Once all of the painted filters were dry I arranged (randomly) the white, brown, and yellow filters to my liking...

Once they were arranged, I simply took a pen and used the tip of the pin to make a hole in the centre.

I then pulled my ribbon through each of the holes, tying a knot before each set and after each set. For each "set" I used 10 coffee filters. I did this so that each looked fairly full, but you can obviously choose what looks best to you.

soon enough you have a chain...

once you've filled the length of ribbon/string that you've wanted your ready to hang/drape wherever you'd like!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. so cute! those pictures are now going into my wedding photo folder!

  2. aw yay! and if you need any help with planning ;) haha. i have a small list of wedding blogs that I already read that I can forward you the link to, and if you haven't yet you should join the site pinterest. Its a photo sharing site that is literally amazing - TONS of wedding and engagement photos are posted. You will get tons of ideas from it. I even have a little wedding board that I pin wedding inspiration ideas to for myself in the future :p

  3. this is so so so cute! i want to do this!

  4. i saw this DIY project when i was planning my wedding/bridal shower and i really wanted to do it for my shower, but it got so crazy i couldn't find the time. i still want to try it out just for my little place.

    yours turned out SO ADORABLE.
    love it.


  5. Too cute :) I did something similar for christmas time in my room! Its such a good idea to document your crafting like this!

  6. what a NEAT idea!
    And it goes with everything, rustic, modern, fancy, grunge.

  7. I would love that! hahaha, it's pretty much going to be all DIY because of my budget... so I'll be needing lots of crafts to do that i'll need help with! I totally joined the site too. thanks. <3

  8. this is so cute! i may have to give it a try!