Saturday, January 1, 2011


Yes, the past week has been CRAZY! I was out of school for only 1 week in which time I did my Christmas shopping and packing and working and a tad bit of "relaxing" before the Christmas craziness. I still can't decide whether I should do one huge picture heavy Christmas/New years update, just Christmas update, or just New Years update. I think I'll just start with Christmas.

So, like I said, just one week to come back from the zombified mental state I was in after finals were over. I was supposed to celebrate Christmas eve with my mom in my hometown, Monterey. I had work that day so I wasn't able to make it out until late that afternoon. We went to church (somehow despite being an atheist my mother has still been able to drag me to church on Christmas eve three years in a row now). Went out to some family friends houses for LOTS of food and opened presents. My entire family worked on Christmas day so I had to drive back home early early Christmas morning to pack for my trip to Orange County to see the beau! Got the kitties all ready for my absence (they did have someone to check on them) and grabbed a cab to take me to the airport. As soon as I got there we exchanged gifts. He surprised me with a framed Evan B. Harris print - it made me cry!

We spent the rest of the week visiting friends, going to Disneyland, and shoppppinggg.

I got home Wednesday night and Thursday afternoon I took off to Modesto to visit friends (phew, this was exhausting). Miss Regina taught me how to knit (too hard) and crochet (a bit easier!). Drove back the next morning and only had a few hours before I got ready for my NYE....i'll leave off there. Here are some photos from my Christmas week.

mom and I, we thought it was hilarious we were wearing red & green jackets

waiting at the airport, had way too many gifts to take on the plane with me

my Evan B. Harris print

bugs life!

Chris' friends threw a little party so everyone could see him while he was visiting

time to send out thank you cards!

oh, and I still CANNOT figure out why I cannot comment on my own posts or on other people's posts :(


  1. I just love your hair! So cute. It looks like you had a fun, busy bee holiday :)

  2. cute thank you cards, are they from anthro??