Friday, January 7, 2011

Join Me...A Day in the Life Of!

Okay guys, I want to do something really fun. Long long ago, when I used to be on livejournal, there was a group called "A Day in the Life Of". In this group people from all over the world would choose a day in which to document their daily happenings. This would consist of a chronological picture post of how this one particular day went - from your morning routine, your errands, job, house chores, daily routine etc. What I want to get from this is to really to get to know YOU. We share so much of our lives on here but really we usually just post the highlights. By sharing our typical routine days we can learn what its really like to walk in each others shoes.

I'd love for everyone reading to document their Monday, this January 10th, posting their day on either the 11th or 12th. Whether your day is a routine ol' Monday or it just so happens your traveling or out doing not so routine things - document it! Post your day on your blog and then a link to your blog as a comment on this post. That way those who are friends with me but may not be friends with each other can still see each others. Also, spread the word on your own blog, lets get EVERYONE to do it! Spread the word!

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