Sunday, February 6, 2011


So, it has kind of been a while since I've posted...oops! Don't worry though, you did not miss out on much! In fact, part of the reason I think I have refrained from updating is I just feel like I haven't had anything to post about!

Quick Update:
-School started: Like all my classes minus one and I am having this "know-it-all" complex which I'd much rather have than "senioritis". Although, I do need to not act like a know-it-all in class and remember that I do not actually know everything and that my class mates are not all idiots.

-My birthday came and went: I turned the ripe ol' age of 22. This birthday was probably one of the worst, and if you are friends with me on twitter then you know what happened. Not something I am going to go in depth into here, but just imagine everything that could go wrong and then knowing that it all went wrong.

Other than that though not much has been going on. I've been studying, attending the lab, and working. So I apologize who signed up thinking my life was overly exciting, it's not ;)


  1. awesome pic! I hope you're unbirthdays are much more fun than your birthday!

  2. that picture is cute! i'm sorry about your birthday, hope everything is better! :)

  3. Loss is so.. hard especially when it happens on a special day. Sending positive vibes and quick healing for your heartbreak. xx

  4. I'm sorry about your birthday. Sending happy vibes your way. Ps, what lipstick are you wearing in this photo? Love it.

  5. that photo is just perfect... i love it. And your style. Just a little jealous :)