Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Little Things

So I've been in finals mode for the past 2 weeks, and have gotten very very little sleep. I've been leaving the house around 8 am and coming home from the library around 2,3, and even 5 am. Being gone all day long makes the cats super excited when I finally do get home, causing them to gallop back and forth across the house, wrestle, and get as close as possible to me (which usually means ON me).

All I want to do when I get home is plop straight in to bed, but unfortunately for me, the cats know when "bed time" is (if I turn off the lights in the living room and kitchen they run straight to the bedroom and hide under the bed). See usually the cats are NOT allowed to sleep with me, there have been too many nights where I was kept up because they were running around the bedroom, jumping on me, pawing at me, running into things etc. - mind you I do live in a 100 year old house on the top level, so two cats jumping off of dressers and running into things is VERY loud; for both me and my downstairs neighbor. Some nights bed time isn't a problem and I can tell that they will sleep soundly in bed with me, some nights though I can tell that they are going to be uncontrollable.

Every night this week we've had to deal with the latter situation. The past three nights I've been woken up continuously by getting pounced on in my sleep and to the sound of something falling off my night stand due to a 8 pound cat sliding across the room into it. Monday night I was determined to get them out of my room while they were hiding under bed, fully aware that it was time for mimis. The best I could manage was getting them into the bathroom (my house is weird and the bathroom is in between the kitchen and my room) whose door is "loose" so the cats can bang on it, and let me tell you they banged on it ALL night.

Well, last night I got home from the library at 5 am, with my alarm set for 9:30, and I was oh so worried that the cats were gonna let me have it again. Instead though, I slept perfectly all night and woke up to two VERY cuddly cats. This is probably what makes me happiest :)


  1. Aw, cuddly cats are the best! But I definitely know what you mean about loud cats! One of our cats is a tad....okay, a lot overweight, and when he runs on the wood might think it was actually a person! Our other cat is pretty tiny though, and she always comes into bed to knead on the blankets! It's so sweet, but also kind of annoying to wake up to in the middle of the night!

  2. Holly crap, you need more sleep! Good luck with finals.

    I need your number, btw. I was going to text you last weekend because I was on Santana Row for a few hours but realized it's not in my new phone! I was pretty bummed.

  3. stephanie - haha. sometimes i'll wake up to one suckling on my face and kneading my hair! cute, but yea definitely a bit annoying

    amelia - aw that is a bummer! i would have loved to see you. my # is 905 9563. Just txt me so i have yours, i got a new phone last month and dont have anyone's numbers really