Wednesday, December 22, 2010

San Francisco

Yesterday, I went out to San Francisco with one of my best girl friends to do a little last minute Christmas shopping. We showed up super prepared for some bad weather but although it was cloudy the weather was pretty perfect! Minus the 80 degree insides of every store that we sweat our butts off in. I wasn't too successful on the gift buying front, but I did get a few cute things for myself haha. While out there I met up with one of my all time favorite friends miss stephanie! In the end it was successful trip with catching up, gossip, shopping, and delicious mexican food.



macys went a little crazy with the deco!


  1. the hat. the scarf. the coat!!!! DIE DIE DIE! i am drooling! i love it all! gosh you made me miss SF so bad!!! we all grew up in the bay area... best shopping in SF!


  2. Looked like a blast. Boy how I miss the city. <3

  3. @selina thanks so much! aw did you guys move far? i could imagine it would be weird being far from san francisco, i definitely take for granted how close i am

    @amelia aw you used to go up there alot, not so much anymore?

  4. what has the fur collar? sweater, scarf? i swoon over your clothes and cross my fingers that shopping will walk back into my life!